Birdwatching trip exploring semi-deserts, wetlands and the Caucasus mountains, for the specialities of Georgia and migratory birds.

The small state of Georgia is located between the Black and Caspian Seas, southern Russia, with most of its territory occupied by the mighty Caucasus Mountains. The vast and seemingly numerous rocky peaks with snow-capped peaks are rough and beautiful.

Georgia is a harsh land, with tough but wonderful people to be visited, on the other hand, not many birders have been here yet. Georgia has a variety of very different habitats throughout the country: From rain forests and wetlands to alpine steppes and semi-deserts.

Thanks to this variety of habitats Georgia offers an excellent list of species of difficult birds to look elsewhere and is one of the very few places in the Western Palearctic, where they can be seen some gems very localized as the Caucasian Grouse,  Caucasian Snowcock, the Great Rosefinch and the beautiful Güldenständt Redstart. These four species are not easy to see and usually requires a lot of time walking through the high mountains, for most of the year to see them. However, the course is designed to match the short time in the spring, when the birds can be seen more easily, since they are far below their breeding grounds in the high peaks, bound by coverage thick snow that still blocks the mountains.

To find them, we will set our base in the village of Stepantsimnda, at 1800 meters (the best location in Georgia to find these specialities) and near the peak Kazbegi, one of the highest mountains in the Caucasus with 5033 meters.

Before we visit some wet and semi-desert areas in the south, where wildlife is very different. We hope to register more than 140 species of birds in this trip.

Location: Georgia (wetlands and the Caucasus mountains)
Dates: 8 to 16 April 2017 Easter