Birding and Wildphoto is a company specializing in nature photography and birding tours. Our team is formed by: Javier Esteban Pozo (nature photographer and ornithological tourist guide) and Marisol Bernal Montero (manager of the Casa Rural El Tenado).

From an early age we began to see “birds” in our environment, in a small town in Extremadura, in the current National Park Monfragüe. The fact of living in a privileged place like this made our specialty is primarily raptors, but gradually we’ve been watching the different and many species present throughout the rest of Spain and Extremadura.

Nortfjord 2016 (Norway)

Nortfjord 2016 (Norway)

Immersed in rural and ornithological tourism for over 20 years, in addition to accompany visitors from around the world Monfragüe and Extremadura, we have been fortunate to be able to guide groups and photographing in some of the most beautiful parts of the continent as the Sinai Desert and the Red Sea in Egypt, the Balkans in Bulgaria, the fjords and the arctic tundra in Norway, the Taiga in Finland, the steppes of Hungary and the marshes of the Danube Delta in Romania, keeping birds as main objective, besides the exuberant nature that welcomes in these places.

Today, as an ornithologists and nature photographers, we aim to help birdwatchers and photographers to observe or capture images of birds and nature throughout Europe, especially the Iberian Peninsula, based for this in all the knowledge acquired over the years, a painstaking fieldwork and respect to species and their habitats.

Also collaborate and work with other agencies and professionals in the travel planning and development both in Extremadura, where we live, as in the rest of Spain and Europe.

You can see upcoming trips and photography tours in the different sections of this website. All our services are thoroughly prepared to achieve the expected results.

If we want to observe or photograph birds and nature, we are here to help you!