post-title event-title ETHIOPIA: Birding & Photo Tour Dates: VIAJE COMPLETO

ETHIOPIA: Birding & Photo Tour

ETHIOPIA: Birding & Photo Tour

The Horn of Africa is an amazing corner of the African continent. There is no place like this in all the earth. Their habitats are of immense variety and Ethiopia is much more than the easiest to visit the Horn of Africa, ornithologically region is by far the most diverse part.

Ethiopia is the roof of Africa, has the largest and adjacent mountain ranges, as well as its highest peaks, among them is the Great Valley Rift, cradle of humanity, dotted with beautiful lakes. The diversity of their fields parallel provide a wide variety of birds and wildlife, which make it more than just another country to visit. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has never been colonized systematically and has a proud history that includes stories of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant.

Ethiopia is one of the world’s leading destinations for observation and photography of birds and nature, and has about 850 species of birds, placing it in the top 10 countries in Africa, the second in number 16 species of endemic species within their political boundaries and 18 other endemics “Abyssinians” only present in this country and Eritrea. Most of them can be observed and photographed on a trip of 2 weeks.

But also will photograph mammals, as Ethiopia has a variety of species, including the world’s most endangered canid as the Ethiopian Wolf and endemic Gelada Monkey spectacular.

To this end, it planned in detail this trip to this wonderful corner of Africa in order to make the most of this trip.

Location: Ethiopia

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